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Value .. Everyone understands this word in its own way. For some, value is money, friends, God .. I think the values ​​should be divided into steps, what is important to you, what is not important. All self respecting people would agree that their greatest and highest value is their family. It combines other related values ​​like love, trust, compassion, support. Being with your family gives you real fullness, you feel like, dare say, strong. For the family i would do a lot. It is like giving up debt to the supreme power, for it has provided the opportunity to be with your family, to feel full of life. Climb down the stairs. I already hear the jokes of friends from afar. Yes, the other greatest value for me, friends. Friends implement my greatest desire to smile. Without it, i wouldn’t be myself, the need to meet and accompany the day with a smile. And that requires real friends. Help, compassionate, sweat.


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  1. very strong artical..
    ilona i also post an artical regarding you. please read it..
    i remeber about somthing you told me so i make a research on it and post an artical i remember it was a time when you start to like me slowly but my bad luck ..
    anyways read it please..

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    1. hello, i don’t want you to feel like you have to comment, take your time as much as you need and if you skip the most, whats completely fine, i hope you are having a great weekend, thank you for stopping by❤️

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      1. Good post’s can’t be skip my friend.. I’m less active nowdays so I might miss some but I will read all.. otherwise you will scare with the roarrrrr😅 Remember? Weekend is end on a good note.. I believe same for you

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      2. Yes jus got back home from wonderful ride, got some vitamin D in the mini time, i feel like i’m ready for Monday, how could i forget?😂 i’m trying to keep my track on word press, hopefully i can log in from phone as well, makes it easier😁

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  2. For me Family Friends and All of Nature of course under God not having to worry about money really Makes Loving all of what is worth living for in Value So much more and of course Gratitude for it all is important too..:)😇😊🤗✌️

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      1. Your blog posts always be the first to read when I am free from work in office or when I feel some stress! You are amazing and your thoughts too.. And I love them☺️ ❤️

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