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EA5CF1C9-83AE-4E55-AF9E-55FAADEDCA0DWhen it comes to this topic, i can talk a lot, i have read a lot of books about it and i find out, that this health issue touches more, than half of population, yes in 21 century we have huge problems of stress, worries, heart attacks and panic attacks, all this come from we can say no where, but the problem is deep inside us, not hungry, always tired, want to puke, can’t sleep, stomach pain, doctor say you are physically healthy, gives you therapy with psychologist and pills, therapy is good idea, but pills, won’t fix the problem, we are holding inside us all the pain what comes from environment, all the anger, sadness, we keep collecting it inside us, until collection is to big and it starts to effect us on our mental health, is possible to heal you, there is big tips for it i will write about it in my next post.



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    1. No, i have been in the dar place, but it was a long while ago, it wasn’t because of feeling depressed or lonely, i just had to much thoughts in my had, is nothing bad about being lonely, it was after skiing injuries, i pended a lot of time in the bed by thinking to much, but before and after i never felt depressed or lonely❤️

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  1. Smiles Mental Imbalance Is A Most Interesting Topic to me what i’ve
    Come to Find out in my life is it is most often Thwarted by a Dance
    And Song of Life that Allows Us a Practice of Art and Science
    to Express all of our Emotions and Senses where we find
    Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose in Life where
    We Come Free to
    Be Alll of who We
    Are Creating and
    Expressing our Human
    Potentials together from
    First Breath of Life to Last
    Blink of Life Whole as Humanity
    in Peace and Harmony for a Love of
    Life much higher than most people will
    Imagine in the more External Pursuits of Life
    from the
    Peace and
    that is Possible Within..:)

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