About knowledge

Sometimes i’m really tired, to brush my hair or to put some make up on, but i’m never tired to know more, today is this kind of day..


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  1. There are endless avenues in Culture
    Today to learn unlimited new Wisdom.. Truth and Beauty in Both Arts and Sciences
    Haha i sure don’t care
    What i look like
    While i Google unless
    It is the Art of a Selfie With Smiles..;)

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      1. Last time i was checking your blog from iphone and it worked really good, i’m really glad i could check it out🌸🤗🙏🌈, but i find out, that the internet is bad in the bedroom, because of mirrors reflection, whats why first time i couldnt open your website🙏🌸☀️

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      1. Lol, can you stop with merrying me, 4 years ago i went to Vail to ski, and i got few huge injures, one left a scar, i’m trying to remove the scar by lazer light, so after the lightening they taped it, i have to do it about4-5times to remove the scar completely🤗

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