About City Of Nice

Well for me is most beautiful place in the world, i use to travel a lot, but doesn’t matter where i go, i just feel, that my heart belongs here. All the cote d’azur is very beautiful and the view is magical, the mountains, the sea, the sun all the time, warm tempreture all year, nice and happy people, who always says for you Bonjour, ca va? And if you tell them, what you are not okay, well always take your time to listen, they are so simple, we have very big market of fruits and vegetables in old town, every time i’m buying something i get something for free to box of strawberries or tomatoes, we have many good restaurants here, well some of them are very expensive, but i find out, what you can find at any price, the price is correct the is fresh sea food and the plates are huge, but i found many cheap ones, i think closer to the sea is most expensive, because of rent, which restaurant has to pay, but the quality of is same. More than 100 flowers of ice cream choice, yes sounds crazy, but is possible here.


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      1. no need about prices.. i have a lot money. I dont care for price for you.. i just want to live near by you.. can you help me in this… i have enough money to survive in any corner of the World…

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  1. Smiles Your City Looks Like
    An Art Festival From Where i Live
    Full of Tradition and People Connecting
    not afraid
    to say Hello to Strangers..
    True though when my Town
    was much Smaller it was more like
    this before there was Air-conditioning
    And the Comfort of Life was more generated
    by People Making Friendships on Airy Front Porches
    than connecting
    so much
    to Electronic
    Devices Just
    Screen but true there
    are some nice Avatars like
    you online too with smiles…
    hmm.. the only Days we met our Neighbors
    was when a Hurricane came through and the
    Whole Neighborhood Block had a Cook-out away
    from First World Problems the Human connection the
    Most Beautiful
    Part of Flesh
    And Blood Life
    that may be Lost
    in a Screen so far
    away from a Flesh and
    Blood Handshake and Hug
    but smiles that is why ‘they’ invented
    Free Verse Poetry so the Paralyzed will Feel Hugs..;)

    Hehe.. imagine how many Blog Posts in a day i would make
    if i broke it all down in chunks like this.. haha.. i’d be too busy publishing to write..;)

    But Smiles.. if i ever lose the urge to write perhaps one day i will break it all down
    and send it all out like this in bite size portions not all together too small to swallow in The ‘New Age’ TwitterVerse.. hehe..;)

    But you know what actually as i told you before i already do it on Facebook as i go too.. and hehe.. it even goes out in smaller Chunks on Twitter too what is left to do just
    Write with smiles..;)

    Anyway it’s the closest
    thing i can and will find
    to a Front Porch without Air-conditioning
    other than Dance where i emit much more light than i receive back except for the Dance Hall where folks get Drunk and are not afraid to approach a Shooting Dancing Star Spiraling
    all about
    the Wife took
    A Video of that
    Last night i will share it
    a bit later when i upload it to YouTube too..;)

    A Best thing about Modern Technology
    is You Can and Will Dance and Sing every day
    every night Shining Your Lights even Long after you are Dead
    some folks say what does it matter you are Dead i Sing it matters
    for my Light Lives on..
    Love Does not
    Die i Live on this way..
    yes.. when i am snoring Deep asleep
    too as my Dreams are awake in Light still then..
    in a place with no Sun or Moon in this Way A Kingdom of
    (Light)Heaven(Love)Above Flesh and Blood Life as Spirit Lives on..:)

    Love Cares GoeS on in Light Whether It Is Flesh And Blood Now or Not..:)


  2. Truly sounds like a great place to see. Really enjoy the idea of markets like that, something we don’t have. I can understand why you like it there. Always good to enjoy where a person is, sometimes people are never satisfied with where they live.

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    1. I never understood why someone lives in the place what they dont like, you can always move, my parents did, we dont have to suffer, if one day i want to live in London i will, everyhting is possible if you want it enough🤗🧘‍♀️🌸

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      1. That’s so true! I think this area is probably the most beautiful place in Canada to live!😁. When I first moved here it was only going to be temporary, but I ended up staying because I got to like it. Shopping is not so good anymore, but I shop online a lot now anyway. I like being close to the lake, it’s nice to sit by the lake and relax. I hope your day is going well!😀

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