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I believe, that first rules of blogging is not about the content and is not how well or interesting your post is, because people don’t know about your blog, they have to find you.

Second thing, is about being active, visiting other blogs, reading them, liking them and commenting them, so people can notice you and come to check you out.

I always like to go on word press read and to click conversion to have a look what people talking about what they are interested in, and every time i go there, i drop like 500 likes on people comments, specially on people who doesn’t know about me.

Being kind to everyone i believe is the key for successful blogging, positivity as well, i rather follow positive people who spreading love and good vibes, also i like when people share their stories from real like, just more interesting for me.


52 thoughts on “About Blogging

    1. yes i read some amazing content from other people, but people don’t know they exist, so blogger things what hi is not good or he writing well, believe me is all about making yourself seen, thanks for link, i will check it out❤️

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  1. SMiLes Blogging is a lot Like Fishing You might
    Cast Your Net out and Bring in Some Fish Just
    A Bit to
    to Carry on Your Ship…
    Smiles there is no Fish too
    Heavy/Deep to Carry on my Blogging
    Boat for haha it is the Titanic of all Blogs hehe..
    And Also Deepest With Smiles…
    gotta watch
    out for
    Icebergs True too..;)

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  2. This is totally true and amazing and I see you check on my blogs from time to time.We should love and appreciate each other’s contents before other readers appreciate our work.

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    1. I believe, that blogging is team work, only by working as a team you can get results, even if you wrote briliant but you dont visit other blogs and you are not answering comments i dont believe, that you can get good results🌸🌈🌈🌼🙏☀️

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