About First Milion

First million comes from Perspiration or being smart? I believe, that the first one comes from perspiration and the second come from being smart🙏


27 thoughts on “About First Milion

  1. smART 60 Percent the Art oF iT
    And 40 Percent the rest of SMart..
    In general we collect
    Data as facts
    through Smart
    Reasoning Facts
    And We Sweat the
    Rest of it out to Survive
    And Thrive with Emotions and
    Senses of Innate Instinctual Intuition to Relate
    in other words Street smARTS and Common Sense..
    haha smiles
    all the books
    in the World
    won’t help you
    escape a Maze
    i learned that the very very
    hard way after 3 College Degrees
    and 33 Years of Paid Works realizing
    that i honestly didn’t have a Clue to
    make Life Really Work for me instead
    of someone else…
    to Make and
    Model of the Human Car with smiles..
    but i was so clueless most of my life that’s true…:)

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    1. Yes, maybe, but i believe, that hard work and support from family can help for any kind of success, only if you have people who you can trust, if you don’t have this kind of people, trust your God, he can always give you the hope🤗

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      1. Yes, my curtains are open, looks so nice outside, ☺but going out to feed the birds, wow, it was cold and windy. Such a change from yesterday! The snow is frozen solid like ice now, it will take longer to melt!😞


  2. Dreaming does not cost anything but if you do not work, you can not aspire to have a reward. think of a million, is to give a lot of work to the illusion .. Some lines and you leave a lot for reflection.

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