Healthy Pancake

Pancake is high carbohydrate food, can provide a lot of energy what we can use in a day. I usually eating pancake for breakfast or when i want a snack, you can add them in to your diet specially, if you counting calories. I like sugar free pancake, because sugar is already in almost all the foods, thats why i prefer to avoid if i can.


  • 300g of self raising flower
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 spoon of virgin 100% olive oil
  • 0,50l of bio amend milk is depend what kind of pancake you like, less milk you put more puffy they will be, if you want to make slim pancake add more milk.
  • sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, frozen berries and banana

Mix eggs and flower together, i mix it with spoon, after add the milk and spoon of olive oil, now mix it with a mixer, around 2 minutes. When you will cook it on the pan, no extra oil need. When pancake is ready add seeds and fruits in the top.


70 thoughts on “Healthy Pancake

  1. YUM! I know what I’ll be having for breakfast! Great call with omitting sugar, it’s unbelievable how many products contain sugar without us being aware of it. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading food packaging lately, it’s kind of scary!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, yes sugar is everywhere, i dont add any sugar, i get use to live without it and now for me it taste good, sometimes i buy black 99% chocolate, but it stases about a year in my home🌸🌼🤗

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      1. I try to avoid sugar as much as I can but unfortunately I have to be on a gluten free diet and they seem to like putting so much sugar in gluten free food.😞. I don’t know why they need to put so much sugar in everything.😛. I have other allergies too which is making it hard to have a well balanced diet. So I have to learn how to cook now and for me that’s a challenge!😂. Is your family still with you? Hope you have a wonderful day!😁

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      2. Yes, I live alone with Muffin 🐈, I’m a single guy. Most of my family lives much further west. The closest is my sister, she lives about 2 and a half hours west. I see her once a year although we keep in touch by email or phone regularly. That’s good to always try and make each day meaningful. I don’t like to just waste time. Another nice sunny spring day here! That always makes me feel good!😁

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      3. I’m doing laundry this morning plus more of my spring cleaning, 😛not sure yet about this afternoon. I might work on my income tax return, need to get that done. I will also be outside for a while and try to get more photos. Not many birds around now though. Each day I hope to see Sir George back, he’s my friendly herring gull, a very big bird! And so beautiful!☺

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  2. Lordyyyy! I’m loving everything about this pancake except the bananas 🙈 lol idk what it is with me and bananas but I just cannot eat them!! But this looks delish ❤️ thanks for sharing !!

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  3. Thank you for tip that adding less milk will make pancake puffy. Whenever I make pancakes, it comes out like crepes and I was wondering how could I make them puffy. I was adding more milk and no water in it. I will try this pancake recipe from now on 🙂

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  4. Yum, I usually add ripen bananas into the mixture and add cinnamon. Blend till smooth and fry like you would do normally. However I recently purchased a waffle machine. What a nice snake they make as well for during the day. 🙂

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