Comfort Zone

Life is lost without the courage to go out from the comfort zone. Life is lost in secret jealousy and by criticizing those who dared, instead of enjoying their success and following their example. Life is lost by hanging on partners. Life is lost by sharing gossip and taking behind someones back, rather than speaking inspirational and supportive words, or silence. Life is lost by believing that in order for us to be happy, we must first change our partner. Life is lost in the search for justifications and diagnoses in others and without the thought that all our experiences are beginning and ending in us.


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  1. Life that is Found is Like a Marriage that works at Best you Always find ways to Keep ‘Romance’ Alive even if that means going well beyond Comfort Zones of before.. and
    True Never ever expect to be fully understood or even accepted as Shadows within
    Stifled will one day Explode and Evaporate as escape if not entertained in Full and at least Tolerated… the Most in Life we will do is Soar as we Mend each other’s Broken Arrows Along the Way.. tolerating the things that bug us letting all our emotions out Dark through Light and if we are really lucky we will find a Friend or two along the way
    Who really does tolerate our Negative Attributes and Positive Aspirations no matter how negative they may sound to us in our style of Evolving enough to stay by our side..
    Smiles my Friend Life Found is like a Marriage that becomes a Friendship that works
    Marrying the Light and Night
    that Dark makes
    Light withstanding the Days of
    Dark Standing Taller and Soaring in Light..
    People have asked me don’t you and your
    Wife ever fight.. the secret to the success of
    our Marriage is she never has to hide her Anger
    from me or Her Love when it shows in all the ways
    she takes care of me.. Life is Give and Take Life is Bruise
    And Scrape Life at Best is Mending Broken Arrows letting go enough to Soar..
    oh yeah and a really ‘perfect marriage’ by literal or metaphor is when “Compersion”
    That is the Altruistic Empathic Joy of whatever makes other folks happy becomes our Same Joy
    the opposite
    of Jealousy
    And Misery
    Love Company
    the True Happiness
    of a Village that Joyfully lifts each other
    up through Dark and Light Understanding Now This Force Eternally Now
    Valuing This Gift This Life This Golden Never Ending Spiral of Real Love Living (God)

    Keep Soaring my Friend..
    The Future is as Bright as the
    Arrows You Mend Along the Way Marrying the Day and Night..:)

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  2. Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way you can be able to achieve your goals or even set your goals in the from the first place so people must understand the fact that is never easy to step out of your comfort zone but is something that you have no choice but to do. To those people who complaint about not being able to achieve their desires please leave your comfort zone and start thinking of something you have never thought you could do as that might just be what you missing in other to achieve.

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      1. How do you manage to write so much so intelligently? I’m having trouble keeping up with everything, but I don’t want to miss any. I think I have already missed some! I need to try your new detox drink too. 😁

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