About The Cat

Cats are one of the most popular animal companions. They are easy to maintain, intelligent, affectionate, sympathetic and friendly, making millions of people in love worldwide. Who’s bothering what studies have shown that cats use mating and murmuring as a way to affect people. One specific sound they emit is the same frequency as the crying of the child. Cats know exactly how people react to crying and do everything they can to keep the child from crying. They know it and use it.

Dont know about your pets, but mine always attacking me while i’m blogging, i leave my pc and i come to give her attention and, than she attacks me again😂


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      1. Whats great, you let someones to stay who needed a place to stay, i got mine a bit differently, my friends cat got baby cats, she asked me if i want one, i said yes and here we go 4 years she is biting me and scratching my hands while i type😂

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  1. Your cat is beautiful! It might be her way of showing affection, some cats are like that. Or she might be saying forget the computer, I’m here! Cats are fun and make a great companion. I would be kind of lonely without mine. Enjoy your day and your cat!😁😸

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      1. I just have one 🐈 right now, Muffin. Plus all my outside critters! Muffin is a recued kitty, she had been abused by a former owner and I adopted her. She was quite wild at the start and it took her a long time to trust me. Now she is a very affectionate cat.😻 And sneaky!😼

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  2. We had a Saint Bernard that passed in November. She would physically lift my arm up while typing when wanting attention…and she got it. We are looking for another now.

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      1. No I do not. But I have observed my own cats do this. I feel when they are meowing at me they’re trying to tell me something. usually they want something. Maybe they have learned humans vocalize to each other and something happens. So cats want something and have learned to vocalize to get what they want from humans. Just my thoughts and nothing scientific

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  3. Smiles Yellow Boy was the True Star of my Blog for 66 Months and so was Moby a Big Grey Cat until February 2016 and Arthur a Brown Tabby Since June of 2014 and even
    an Adopted Cat who Visited our Home Daily from Two Doors Down Tennessee whose Owners took Him away to their New home in 2018.. smiles he just Celebrated his 20th Birthday in February as His owners go to our Church and still tell us Tennessee stories.. for Yellow Boy that Little Fearless Yellow Boy was a Wild Cat who Lived in the
    Woods behind our Home for Two Years lightening fast he would dart across
    the yard with Wild Life smaller than him in his jaws.. one day when
    i was in so much pain and numb in the Dead Zone since 2008 back
    in 2010.. he was crying underneath our Shed for me to feed him
    one morsel of Food but truly he came to me to save both the
    Love of me and By God the Wild of me Yes the Call of the
    Wild to truly Become Loving both Loving and Fearless Wild And
    Free.. Science Suggests that a Feral Cat is no Different than a Wild
    Lion just in a smaller much smaller Yellow Packages in the Case of Yellow Boy..
    Smiles my Friend my Mother gave me Love but Yellow Boy Gave me what my Father
    never had time to do to become one with Nature Wild and Free Fearless on top of
    the Foundation my Mother already gave.. Yellow Boy Lived With Feline Leukemia
    in our Home as that was his Death Sentence for 10 Years of Life and when he
    wasn’t showing me how to be Fearless Wild and Free the Medicine of Love
    Attached to Katrina’s Lap truly was the Healing Force that kept him alive
    all those Years and by God if there are Real Saviors in this World who
    Never Give up on us they are our Mother’s and if we are lucky
    Our Father and if we are even more lucky our Spouse and
    Friends but true the ones who all of us will always be able
    to count on are our Furry Friends who see no Distance
    Space or Time no Nationality no Age no Gender
    no Sexual Orientation no Country no Religion
    and Loving
    How far away our Abstract
    Constructs our Labels and Owning
    Everything on the Earth including Each
    Other has taken us away from the simple
    Fearless Free Love of Just Being Furry Like ‘God’..
    We used to have Four Cats to Love now none smiles
    my friend hence all these words.. as i pet you unconditionally
    and every one else i meet in life as my aim in life is to be more like Yellow Boy..
    sure ‘Fixed’
    but with
    Paws Out-Reached….:)

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  4. You just made my heart smile, miss lady 🙂 You know I adore cats and yours is precious. She is definitely demanding your focus and attention 😀 They are truly something else.

    Those teeth though, yowza! Those can be fairly brutal, even when the bite isn’t meant to be mean. Our Dizzy has a funny facial expression where she “bites at the air” with her mouth open, almost as a joke like “I’m gonna get ya!” 😉 Thanks for sharing your story with your sweet kiddo!

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    1. I was still thinking why she always bitting be, but she accualy was trying to eat me🤣i thought i’m going to bed 1.30hours ago and i’m still on my blog, have to get yo veru early tomorrow, i’m so sorry, i saw you wrote another comment, i will answer tomorrow, if you dont mind🌸🧘‍♀️Have a productive weekend, dont sleep to long on the weekends because someone else will take your dream🙏☀️


  5. SMiLes My Very Positive Friend Ilona From Nice France Yes Positivity Will Be A Way OF LIFE that we Nurture with every person we come
    into contact with Day and Night.. hehe running a Bit Late to
    Church this morning so i am consolidating my thoughts
    with the last Few Blog Posts you have made here
    i Think it is a Wonderful Idea to Create a
    Community online that is full of
    Positive Thoughts to lift
    each other up every
    Day With the Kind of
    Unconditional Love that only
    Wishes to see a smile on Another
    Person’s Face that is Honesty where there
    is no Guessing Required for any Hidden Agendas
    as it sadly part of Human Nature too.. where sometimes
    the Emptiness Within wants to Change the Environment on
    the outside that is not realistic to meet the Needs within surely
    we are all guilty of this at some point in our Lives and if we try
    Hard enough we will Make a Life that is Authentic With Genuine
    Smiles Heartfelt to bring to others with no Hidden Agendas Underneath
    Acts and Words of Kindness.. it is often hard to do this online without
    Meeting a Person actually in Flesh and Blood as you Probably realize
    i am sure it is easy enough to only Present one part of a personality
    online and only our best parts of life.. but no.. how are we gonna
    help others Grow if we don’t share how our we’ve overcome our
    Difficulties and what Positive ways work for us.. smiles
    my Friend i am becoming an Older Man and with
    Age Comes Beauty and Truth for while the
    Age Spots of Wear And Tear and the Lines
    on my Face may Come all crinkled up
    with eyes that have most always smiled..
    Now When i relax those wrinkles
    of Age go away for the Song of
    My Soul the Dance of my Spirit
    Yes the Heart of my Human Being continues
    to age in reverse as is Evolving greater with the ability
    to regulate emotions and integrate Senses until hey!
    we become
    one with
    God Simply
    As Love to Give
    to all others Sharing Love with
    Hope.. Gratitude and Charity Faith
    for all.. simply the Message of Jesus
    the Real Jesus that we hear about in
    Catholic Church the Man of Love in all of
    the Nature that only means ‘Son’ of Love the
    Nature of as Light Within all of us.. this is the
    only reason i go to church to Celebrate God as Love
    in each and every one of us to promote the Positivity of
    Love With no Illusory Fears as Hell or Heaven is what we
    all make within now.. and by God Honesty when Possible not
    Harming others Builds Trust and makes the Human World Spin
    in Balance with outreached Arms of Hugs.. hehe.. Hugs to you
    of Joy
    my Nice
    Friend from France..
    you are surely a Breath
    off Fresh Air in this online
    World that may other wise
    be a Jungle of Confusion too..
    but yes once again.. to be careful
    to Clarify Communication always until
    any misunderstanding is resolved to validate
    the Truth or correct the Misunderstandings of what
    may be said is most paramount to any Successful Relationship
    whether it is at World Size or Two People talking online in text
    my Friend..
    And as you
    know i Love Cats a whole bunch..:)

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  6. Reblogged this on Best Friends BSGE and commented:
    Most people prefer dogs over cats and this factors into the amount of cats that are adopted and rescued every year. This article really shows people how cats can be as good of a pet as dogs are. They are fun and loving, although they can be portrayed as grumpy and rude sometimes. Showing affection are not a strong suit for them but all animals just need to be shown a little love and care. Who’s to say that dogs aren’t vicious at times and a little grumpy. All animals are the same and that’s why they should be treated the same way.

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