13. Simple Rules For Meaningful Life

  1. Kindness, be kind to people and they will be kind to you as well, maybe not all of them, but worth is to try.
  2. Be positive all the time, surround yourself with positive people and positive environment only, negative people won’t let you to succeed.
  3. Respect, only when you will respect yourself you will able to respect other people, some maybe will respect as well, the rest doesn’t really matter.
  4. Success, always go forward, don’t listen what others tells you, don’t look back and on the sights is nothing there for you.
  5. Smile, your smile will let people know, what you are happy and positive person, other people prefer to make a new friend with happy person, not with sad and negative.
  6. Be honest with yourself and with others, is not point to lie to yourself, because no matter what, one day you will have to face the truth.
  7. Waste, don’t waste food, money, energy and time.
  8. Trust, be the one who doesn’t count on others, but the one to count on.
  9. Love, love yourself, let the people who you love to know it and let other people love you.
  10. Forgiveness, is no point to keep anger, forgive and let it go, maybe someone will forgive you as well.
  11. Fight for your dream until you make true, because someone else will take it.
  12. Jealousy, don’t be jealous follow the example.
  13. Believe in to your God, he can give you the hope and be there, when no one will.

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236 thoughts on “13. Simple Rules For Meaningful Life

  1. 13 règles simples et des mots très vrais. Très beau partage ! Merci Ilona pour tes textes magnifiques, ton sourire radieux, ton travail sérieux et ton aide précieuse. Bisous d’amitié de France. ❤

    13 simple rules and very real words. Very nice sharing! Thank you Ilona for your beautiful texts, your radiant smile, your serious work and your precious help. Kisses of friendship of France. ❤

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