Happy and Healthy

You can’t compare your life with the quality of life of other people only, if you do so have the motivation to change something in YOURSELF.

Don’t let your fears come over you.

Get rid of addictions and harmful habits, develop habits that encourage you to move forward. Do this for at least 30 days. Psychological literature says that it is enough for a human being to develop a new habit for 21 days.

Forget the past and stop drilling back.


68 thoughts on “Happy and Healthy

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy. I think social media can be an addition and a harmful habit if it allows people to compare themselves to others. This is why I much prefer the WordPress community, where I feel like there is much less judgement and self-comparison here. My issue is that certain circumstances like school are holding me back from moving forward and getting to where I want to go. I know people who have what I wish I had, and I am so frustrated that I can’t be in their shoes. Of course, I only see the good in their lives and not the bad since majority of people don’t post about the bad! At least my husband is on the same page and tries to be supportive, but sometimes a piece of me is just screaming from the inside just wanting to be heard.

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  2. This is very good! People only hurt themselves by comparing with other people and then they end up hurting others in the process. Bad habits and addictions are easy to start, takes work to get rid of them but it is the best way to go! Great post!

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  3. great post. i agree people should stop comparing themself and feel jalous for what they don t have, instead than enjoying what they have and give the best to improve.

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  4. “Dance Like No one is Watching”
    Smiles that quote was attributed to me
    Yesterday as the Metro Dance Hall Posted
    a Picture of me on their Facebook Page..
    True we can wait around
    for someone to ask
    us to Dance
    or we
    will Dance
    no matter what
    no matter if we Dance
    Solo the rest of our Life we
    still Dance and Warm the Inside of Us..
    When You Dance Free the Past Fades away the
    Future no longer exists all there is is Light as You
    become a Song and a Dance incarnate too.. true helps
    to listen to Your Favorite song too.. Ear Buds and other
    Electronic Devices make a Helpful Tool for Happiness this way..
    What Else..
    hmm.. yes
    Happy Saint Patricks’s Day! Ilona..
    my Grandfather was born in Ireland
    a Catholic Priest who gave it up to marry
    His French Cajun Sweetheart from the Pews
    of the Church in the Parish in North Florida he
    Pastored so yes.. i am French and Irish and German
    And English and believe it or not according to the 23 and
    me chromosome Test 1.6 Percent Nigerian and South Asian
    Like my Best Online Friend too.. True though all Friends are Best
    And even if we
    don’t have Friends
    We will Still Dance
    Solo with God Allone..
    Love is the Best Addiction
    When Love is all Giving and Sharing without Fail..:)


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