Love, Love, Love

Love is the chances of finding inner peace and bliss in life. All we crave for love, we want to feel it for our soul and inspire others. Love is incalculable, because it is neither small or big love is either there or not.

Love is based on feelings. The ability to love is developed in childhood. There, it is very important for the child to grow surrounded by the love of the parents, nature, not between the paved parks, squares and cramped shopping centers. I think the most important thing is the ability to love, not to be loved, because you first have to learn to love yourself and then be loved.

Love does not know the grip of time. When a person falls in love, he is determined to ignore all boundaries and norms, so a loved one can do everything for love. When people love each other, they ignore age, nationality, and most importantly, the person you love would be sincere and love you the way you love. But sometimes love is very painful. This is when a person falls in love without response or when a person is hurt by a loved one. Then he feels so poor and lonely. Nevertheless, love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. So love needs sensitivity. Loving people are lucky.


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  1. You know Ilona, When I saw the title of your blog, my first impression was that it would be all about food and diet. However, I am happy to see you posting on general topics like life and love. Okay, most of us write about life and love and there exists thousands of definitions but I found some thoughts impressive. Few of them like “love is either there or not” and “you first have to learn to love yourself” are so true. 🙂

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  2. Smiles my young Friend Love is like a Hurricane as it Gathers moisture of
    Tears and Warmth of Heart wherever
    It goes where the environment
    Is Conducive for Both as the
    Hurricane of Love Continues
    With Even Greater Winds
    To Give and Share and i
    Do Love your Philosophy
    Of Love as Wisdom
    Is also not
    Limited to
    Factors like
    Age and Nationality
    Or other Labels of
    Human Differences
    It is Even Possible
    For those who
    Do Not Feel
    Love to
    Give and Share
    Kindness Greatly
    Those People who
    Are poor of Spirit
    And still Give and Share
    So Much May one Day
    Earn the Reward of
    A Babe
    In Mother Hurricane’s
    Arms With Breasts of
    Love Feeding
    Winds of
    Love Born again
    To Give and Share even more..:)

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  3. Nice. Wise words and so true!
    When my mother-in-law was dying—her last words were “love, love, love”.
    This post made me smile.
    Grateful for love no matter how difficult it can be at times 🙂
    I will always choose love.

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      1. You are welcome! It does feel good to love—to write loving kind words. And not be afraid to love even unlovable trolls! Haha! They are the ones who need love the most! So lovely to connect with you. Thank you for making my day with this post 🙂

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  4. I have been in love so many times and always had bad experience. Unless I fell in love with myself. Well, I don’t crave love anymore because I am happy now. ❤️ Lots of love to you my friend ❤️

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