My Lovely Ladies, Happy Women’s Day

Dear Women,
You are the greatest treasure of the Universe,
Everything that beautifies and cherishes in the world is born from you
Gives him spirituality.
There would be many voids on earth
If you had no Light, Love, Hope, and Faith you carry
To make tomorrow more beautiful and safer: for your children, relatives and yourself.
Be happy in the sense of being in this earth.
Be loved and loving.


91 thoughts on “My Lovely Ladies, Happy Women’s Day

  1. Happy woman day to the most beautiful and amazing woman on earth 🙂 i hope you had good time with me, i really enjoyed it. Always love to walk, talk and take our tea time together 🙂 i wish you an amazing week end and a wonderful night ❤️😘

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    1. Julien, merci pour tout ce que t as fais pour moi, il n’y a pas tout le monde oui m’amènerai prendre un thé a Monaco a 10h du soir, merci pour m’avoir aider a libéré mon esprit des mauvaises ondes, merci pour m’avoir fait me sentir bien et pour tout ces fou rire qu’on a eu 🤗

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