Venerable Geshe Tsulga

Good evening everyone, usually i’m not into reblog, but this one took all my attention, it just feel so peaceful and inspiring, liked it a lot, i hope you will too, let me know what do you think about it…❤️🙏

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Venerable Geshe Tsulga; A Single Day in a Lifetime of Practice

Click above for the video

Venerable Geshe Tsulga at the Kadampa Center, Cary NC

“I was born in a small tent of the nomads in the north of Tibet in 1939 or 1940” he told me. He did not know the exact date; these things weren’t important. His journey from the Land of Snow, escaping over the Himalaya’s to India and a life in exile as the Chinese invaded Tibet is one of survival, determination and faith. His struggles did not end upon arriving in India. Many of the older Lama’s succumbed to heat and tropical diseases of India.

Geshe Tsulga in 1959 in Buxa, India

For this week’s Billbo’s Blog I thought I would share a documentary of one of Tibet’s greatest scholars. Made in 2005 this is one of my first documentaries and gives a very up…

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21 thoughts on “Venerable Geshe Tsulga

  1. Thanks.. always
    Looking Now for
    New Resources
    For Global
    i will listen to
    The Video Soin On
    The Way to Work-out
    The Dance i Do Now is
    Like Free Style Tai-Chi
    Spiraling too like A Sufi
    Dervish it is interesting
    When other Cultures
    Derive Structured
    Forms of
    Practices When
    You Seek and
    Find them
    On Your
    First in
    Essence of
    Stored deep
    In Subconcious
    Mind as Inherited
    Through all our
    Ancestry from
    The STarT and
    The Beginning
    Now Again of All
    That Is Now (God)..:)

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  2. i watched the video and Interestingly the Rituals
    of the Monk Reminded me a bit of Catholic
    Church Very Structured And Peaceful but
    Without a lot of Color in Emotions
    And the ‘Members can be a bit
    too Reserved and
    Introverted for
    my Extraverted
    Nature that while i
    Can and Will Move into Introverted
    Territory Now Still for Long Periods of the
    Day when i Write.. Life is Fun as a Party Together
    of Joy too where all Flows and Changes as Waves
    as the Ocean does but it drives some folks nuts
    that i don’t write in Straight lines outlining
    A Box as i attempt to explain to them
    that i am a Spiral Being
    And not a Linear
    Being Planned
    By someone
    else and
    i go away feeling a bit
    Like ‘Neo’ from the ‘Matrix’
    for we are born with No Manual
    And Perhaps We are born that way to be Free
    i’m sure we are but most people have no clue
    of the
    they Live
    in Closed in
    Boxes and Circles
    That Are endless Closed
    in Boxes and Circles where
    A Spiral as in the Golden PHI
    Finger Print Ratio of 1.618 is always
    Open Ended Changing but an Art of
    God’s Finger Prints of Song and Feet of Dance too
    As A Pattern of Life That Flows Freely in Order of Chaos..
    but of course
    only in one
    Example of
    Human Form as
    Essence Flows Spiral Art..
    Anyway.. Peace and Harmony Surely Beats Strife..
    So Yeah the Tibetan Monk Zen Buddhism Way has its place…
    my ‘Home’
    is no
    Floor or Wall Within
    i am the Water i am the Air
    i am the Wave i am the Ocean
    i am the Wind i am the Sky the
    Particle the Wave Again and Field
    True We Are all in all Now it’s a Bigger
    Picture Way of Doing..
    It’s Like the
    Realest way
    of Life
    but only
    Fantasy for
    those who do not
    Come to Live Fearless
    Free As Opened Love a
    Letter than never stays the same..
    People Bond over
    the same Old
    Stuff’ for
    it Brings Warm
    and Fuzzy Comfort
    that feels really good
    and is healthful too
    but true there
    is a
    of Ascendent
    And it truly can and
    will Be Hard to Let Go of the
    Warm and Fuzzies (the Neurohormone
    Oxytocin) to Explore other realms of
    Freedom out of Boxes/Circles….
    i am
    no Exception
    to the rule of
    Veing Human either..
    We Most all ‘Need’ Understanding
    And the Warm and Fuzzies too
    my Wife can
    be Warm
    enough for me
    She doesn’t understand
    me almost no part of me but i don’t come with a Manual
    And i Never wanna Understand me fully either as
    Mystery is the Play..
    The Other ‘thing’
    is i talk too much..
    Just about no one can or will
    keep up i try to talk to myself
    more so i don’t run anyone off..
    my Wife has Fewer Headaches
    that way and i suppose any Friends do too..
    in Other Words too i won’t always Write
    more than Your
    Blog Post
    in fact
    i’ll make
    it rather
    much shorter in the Future..
    It isn’t always easy Being A
    Hurricane With Big ‘Novel’ Winds either..:)

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