About Bali (Ubud)

Ubud, the central part of Bali, is a place where all those who are looking for themselves and those who are gathering together, looking for love and running away from the awkward routine, looking for inner peace and sometimes unwilling to return to reality. We should understand the fact that what a person considers himself to be a gift to the world. After knowing and loving ourselves, we start sharing love and understanding with others. Then, wherever we go, whatever we do, we will give ourselves to the world – not full of fear, disorientation or disillusionment, but full of love and joy, knowing our unique abilities and desiring to adapt them for the benefit of all. This is indeed the best thing we can do for others and ourselves.


165 thoughts on “About Bali (Ubud)

      1. I told you i will take you there. Let me know exactly when you want to go. Je pense que c est une belle ile. Ca va etre sympa. Avec quelqu un d intelligent comme toi ca sera un paradis 🙂 ❤️

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      1. Forever

        I’ve known you for only
        a short period of time,
        but I feel as if
        I’ve known you forever.

        I tremble with joy
        at your every touch.
        The feel of your hand taking mine –
        I want you to hold it forever.

        I glow with happiness
        every time you’re near.
        I want you near me now,
        I want to be with you forever.

        My knees grow weak
        in your loving arms.
        I want to stay there,
        I want you to hold me forever.

        My body melts
        with every kiss you give.
        Just the thought of your lips on mine –
        I want you to kiss me forever.

        My heart jumps
        to know how much you care.
        Knowing that it is so much more –
        I want you to love me forever.+

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    1. An Angel’s Kiss

      An Angel’s Kiss,
      Is like so much bliss.
      And that Angel is you.
      You know what to do.

      You love to make me smile,
      Every time I’ve been sad for a while.
      The feelings are growing.
      And they are showing.

      An Angel’s Kiss,
      Is something I’m glad exists.
      You’re someone I know.
      And you help me grow.

      Please tell me.
      How you feel.
      So I know.
      If it’s real.

      But it’s An Angel’s Kiss.
      It’s something I shall not ever miss.
      I love you.
      And that I will always do.+

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      1. Yes, well honestly day as bad, but some comments of people changed it 360 degree of my day🙏❤️why people come to my blog they talk about positivity love, god, good thought, no stress and if i don’t write comments back right away they come back angry? I’m not talking about you🤗☀️

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      2. Love is Kind
        Love Must
        Be Patient
        To Survive
        My Young
        Love Must
        Be Willing
        Hell to
        Live in Heaven
        Again as the Dark
        Makes Light and
        The Lion of
        Love Falls
        The Dark
        To Wake Love
        Up Dark is
        Is Dark
        Pain is Real
        And the Best
        Part oF aLL
        Is Love Too
        Feed Your
        Bless the
        Light See the Dark
        Love You New Friend
        For no other
        As Love
        Need not
        Even Be
        Flesh and
        Blood For
        Are Days
        Words Do
        Become Love
        Our Souls
        Without Blood..:)

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      3. SMiLes my Friend
        No Grain of
        Sand is
        Less than
        God imagine
        How much
        God appreciates
        The Grain of
        Sand that
        A Mountain
        Of Love the
        Is the
        Of Love so
        Keep Climbing
        Dear Friend
        And if
        Until You
        Love Again
        We Grow older
        To Evolve
        Our Souls
        In this
        Way Old
        Is Young
        You Have
        To as Long
        As Your Soul
        Evolves People
        Who See Your
        Help You
        Rise Higher
        As The Mountain
        Of Love Becomes
        The Grain
        Of Sand
        As Foundation
        Of Love and
        The Never
        Love in and
        As Us Lives on..:)


      1. i post a travel venue in india. what you like to See New places, Hills, sea, snow, village life, Saint, Sadhus,Monk,Buddhist ,food, culture.

        India is the best place to visit yo see all type of things in a single country.. I promise you that you will find it super tour..
        In India there are many temples.
        A very Famous temple.is in Vrindavan…

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  1. Parts of Bali may still be relatively unspoiled by the tourism industry, but unless you like drunken teenagers and 20 somethings partying 24/7 I suggest you stay away from Denpassar and Kuta.

    3 things to consider when deciding on Bali as a holiday destination.

    1. It is seen by very many Australians as a cheap place to holiday and buy drinks. (Lesser known areas of the Thailand Coast might be a better option?)

    2. The volcano on Lombok Island next to Bali is currently active and frequently erupts causing massive dust clouds that can prevent your air flights taking off or landing. People have been stranded on Bali for days after their booked holiday had finished when the cloud blocked flight paths over Denpassar Airport.

    3. Brochures and tourism tend not to mention the less attractive features like rubbish and water pollution.

    If you like pristine, white beaches best go somewhere else . 😦

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    1. Thank you for the information, i would like there to go not for the prices, beaches, but for i’m going there not to drink or take tan on the beach, in Ubud i find something special for my soul, everywhere we have positive and negative points, is depend for what reason we going🤗

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      1. Sounds to me like you are going for the right reasons… so many of my fellow countrymen (and women) do not. 😦

        Be careful if your Soul is calling you there… you may find yourself not wanting to leave! 😉 (Or the volcano may not let you! 🙂 )

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      1. I didn’t went yet, i’m thinking to go this summer, should be wonderful experience🤗i pended you the link about monkeys, oh they so cute❤️can you tell me why you want to go there? you don’t have to answer if its really personal🤗

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