Momo Challenge’s, Protect Your Children

What is happening in this world, what kind of person you are to hack youtube kids and to tell them to hurt them selves, to jump from the window and all the other horrible things? What is the Momo suicide game? And how to protect your children?

I didn’t knew it’s even exist, until my girlfriends daughters teacher at the kinder garden asked her, do check well what her daughter watching on youtube kids, because horrible things started to happen…

Schools have written to parents to tell them that Momo is popping up in seemingly innocent Peppa Pig episodes, as well as Fortnite, Minecraft and videos showing kids opening Kinder Eggs and other treats.


135 thoughts on “Momo Challenge’s, Protect Your Children

  1. Thank you for sharing!… while technology is wonderful, it has unfortunately gave voice to those who would prey on the unsuspecting… without technology they would be limited to their own miserable world… 🙂

    “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”. Isaac Asimov

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  2. The spread of these games has become widespread in children and is the great fault of parents who allow their children freedom to the Internet. The jobs absorb them and they have little time left to take care of their upbringing. As these games become virilizando, more dangers run the children with the desire to imitate. It’s good that you occupy these subjects. Greetings.

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  3. I don’t understand it.. and where do it come from….
    I didn’t know about it before we print out some information to the pupils (and their parents ) in school for a warning…
    Good work and a very good post, thank you.

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  4. Yes, it was on the news recently. There was a 6th grader student here in Phils who was supposed to graduate this year. But unfortunately the boy allegedly took his own life after playing a suicidal mobile game (momo challenge), he left a message to her mom saying “I will follow my master and I will kill them all”. This is really terrifying, my 6-yr old daughter doesn’t want to watch youtube anymore after she learned about it. She even asked me to delete online games on her phone/tab.

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  5. Wow! I don’t have kids of my own, but this is terrifying. I can’t imagine someone so twisted to want to hurt kids. They are just so pure and innocent. 😦
    The internet is such a valuable tool, but it can open the door to all sorts of evil. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Hope the responsible will get caught tortured and in jail for life its all what they deserve. Making me sick to see how terrible human can be sometime.

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  7. I think its not an app its just some crazy guy who talk randomly to people. Hack their computer check their life and start to scare weak people by making them believe than if they don t do things their family will die stuff like this. Now it became viral and people aware of this they have youtubekids to try to manipulate poor childs. Probably some random fucker, massive failure who have such a shitty life than all what they want its hurt people to feel better. They definitly deserve to die its not joke people can be weak and manipulated, especially kids.

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    1. And no one cares to find them? I accually can’t believe, that is human being who does it, can you imagine, that it can be someone who standing behind you at the casher and if you pay by credit card he can read your name from the card google you out and hack your computer? I just think to much, but i mean it can be anyone and how crazy is this? Maybe we even watched, this person in the eyes…

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      1. I imagine fbi and other organisation take a look about the case as it starting to be viral but a good hacker can be completly ghost i imagine. So it might be complicated. And ye it can be anyone

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  8. Bonne nuit fais de beaux reves. On peit y aller dessuite aussi c est loin 6h tu vas me manqué. Mais je te laisse te reposer un oeu quand meme 🙂 je serai la a 6h avec croissant et ton café preferer. Je t embrasse ❤️🌃

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  9. Hi – according to a number of news outlets, this ‘Momo Challenge’ isn’t real, and is a malicious hoax which has been accidently spread by worried parents. I hope that puts you all at ease.

    I haven’t shared a link to the news, as it could be interrogated by Askimet, and identified as spam – but feel free to search for Momo Challenge Hoax at your leisure.

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