My Little Angry Princess


70 thoughts on “My Little Angry Princess

      1. It will be a very nice combination. Though when I bought mine, the puppies were a month old while the cat was a month and 2weeks old. They all grew up together and now they are living like one family. Hahahahah. but the stress is much really.

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  1. Great pic, lovely cat! I used to have a cat that liked to fight all the time, but he was lovable too. My present cat, Muffin, likes to play but not fight, she is just a very cuddly type cat. Thanks for sharing the pic of yours.

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  2. Beautiful cat, I grew up in the country and our cat was huge. Certainly not scared of dogs. I used to leave my bedroom window often and it often slept on my bed. One night, late I woke and heard it licking in a unusual manner. Well, it had a dead bird on my bed 😂

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