More About Meditation

Breathing is the most natural process, but we do not pay enough attention to it. Start by following your breathing, breath slowly through your nose to your lungs. Imagine how you fill the vital energy. Focus on a small body area, mostly the head, and observe your senses.

Maybe after a while you will feel a slight tingling or warm, which means you are on the right track to start really deeply relaxing and disengaging from the chaos surrounding you. When the tension comes, calm down, people who are worried usually feels warm at the beginning, first obstacle to starting to meditate is the continuous flow of thoughts, the ruins of the past, future plans, anxiety, and others. Don’t blame yourself, because thinking is normal.

To stop the flow of thoughts, imagine that you are an outsider of it, so don’t underestimate them, just capture them. Sooner or later thoughts will start to break. Take a deep breath and exhale a few times, try to focus more on the senses of the body. And be sure to praise yourself for the smallest achievements.


147 thoughts on “More About Meditation

  1. The kingdom of heaven is within you.
    I have heard in a video about the hidden teachings of Jesus is that the true reality is that which we create when we go beyond the physical world( we pereive through our 5 senses and the filter of the mind ).
    The real world is diving deep spiritually through deep meditation to combine the heart shakra with the third eye … ( Be still and know that I am God …)

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  2. Very well said. Breathing is a function that occurs naturally without we think about. But, if we really concentrate & focus on it, we really can find that many times we can control it & do it many type of exercises that will healp our body & mind. 🙂

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