About Meditation

Meditation is much easier than you think it is, to learn to meditate, you don’t need to do anything special, just meditate. Don’t need to read about meditation, to watch online lessons, not to spend money on expensive teachers and seminars is no magic about meditation, but it’s feel magical when you are doing it.

Duration of meditation starts from about 2 minutes and it can go up to 15 or 20minutes . First of all, it is a form of evasion you don’t have to get tired by learning, try to practice it everyday. One day meditation will become the same part of the day as the morning shower. A few weeks later, those 20 minutes will no longer be a problem for you.

Time of the day to reach maximum concentration status, is when you wake up immediately or in the evening. Try to put meditation on the agenda next to others daily rituals, before your morning coffee, or at evening before bed. Let it be a drop of silence and peace in your chaotic life.

Find a corner where you feel comfortable. If it is possible, find a place that you associates with peace and relaxation. Later, when meditation becomes a part of everyday life, you can meditate anywhere and at any time, in urban transport, standing in queue, it is better than being nervous that it is too slow to go.

Meditation posture must not cause discomfort or pain. Make yourself comfortable. Give up lotus postures if you have never practiced yoga and you feel discomfort, chose something else. You can sit on the edge of the chair. Avoid just one posture, lying, because when you relax, you can easily fall asleep.


97 thoughts on “About Meditation

      1. SMiLes I don’t think anyone should ever be Rude but online
        This Happens More Without Face to Face Contact And often unintentional too that’s why i always leave Smiley Faces at the end of my Sentences to show i am Happy online..:)

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  1. In my world, I call it “Quietude”. The result is the same. In the morning before anything starts moving is best for me. As you say, practice makes perfect. Then it is easier to get there, wherever you find yourself.

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  2. I agree with you when you say that meditation can become a part of our general routine, however, as a Christian I do it a bit differently. Scripture tells us that it’s a dangerous thing to empty our minds, and instead it tells us we must meditate on God’s words and that’s where our peace will come from. Psalm 119:99 For Your testimonies are my meditation.

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  3. I like meditation and enjoy the Buddhist literature and the religious traditions idea of approaching life. Here is a simple explanation, it’s is simple like you say,

    ‘Buddhism is a teaching of moderation. As in other things, the Buddhist teaching steer a middle course, in this case between two extremes of blindly ignoring practical daily affairs and laying down a code a rigid and inflexible rules. The Buddhist teaching offer guidelines for behavior based on timeless truths-the positive weal ( a sound, healthy, or prosperous state )well-being. created by compassion, wise relationships – and aimed at ultimate goal of spiritual redeem: living in the world and yet above it.’
    P.A Payutto

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    1. I find out meditation 2 years ago and it changed my life completely, in every way.. About relation ship, hm i love people, i can talk to them all day, i like company a lot, but at the end of the day i prefer to be a lonely wolf and i’m happy, just me..🙏 i don’t avoid friends if they want to come over to watch a movie or to take cup of tea, but to be alone it’s magical, at least for me..

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  4. You must be reading my mind as I have been working on a blog about meditation that won’t be ready for a week or two. You are so right about it’s benefits, if more people understood how easy it is they may give it a go.

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