About Reality

We cover our pain under several layers of other emotions, sometimes we are afraid of the truth and the eyes of reality. Only when we learn to live with the pain and excepting reality, we can be stronger, because we accept life as it is.


88 thoughts on “About Reality

  1. Good morning blondie. Are you made of plastic, dear? Yes, the practice of Yoga is very important to “take your mind off pain” as it excites some blocking neural mechanisms. I have written about this in my articles on wellness and I am now developing the point further in my new book. A picture is worth a thousand words. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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  2. I was just talking to my best friend today about this same truth. She is grieving letting go of the way her life would look, since it’s turned out very different. I encouraged her to give herself permission to deeply and completely grieve, as this is part of the healing process. Thank you for your thoughts and insights!

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  3. If I want inspiration I visit your blog. I agree with your emotional worldview – we need to integrate our faults, mistakes, negatives etc into our best selves…there’s no perfection without imperfection to contrast it with…like good/bad, night/day…one wouldn’t exist without the other x

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  4. That’s true. People are often scared to be vulnerable as they mistake it for weakness.
    However, that’s a flawed notion as being vulnerable and opening up to someone can act as catharsis to the soul and ease the pain to a certain extent. Very well written. And wow, you’re quite flexible. Keep it up 😄

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