About Love

Why is it important to love yourself first?
Because when I love myself, I take care of my spiritual, emotional and physical health. I will be able to really take care of you, glow in love, inspire, support and believe in your aspirations.
Because when I love myself, I realise that I am not perfect and only then I can accept and love you with all the imperfections, without requiring perfection.

Because when I love myself, your presence next to me is a matter of joy, not a need. So if he hurts me, I’d rather choose my own company.
Because when I love myself, I do not demand anything from you, because I understand that happiness is not to demand, but to share.
Because when I love myself, I give you an invaluable gift,an example, of how to love sincerely.


83 thoughts on “About Love

  1. Wow! I am so amazed to read your post! Your topic and the way you’ve presented your thoughts, it’s truly appreciable! I’m glad that I didn’t miss out this one. Thank you so much for sharing. I will surely love myself and pass on the same message to everyone!

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  2. “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – William Shakespeare
    Excellent post and point of view. I think, when I love somebody else, besides me, I advance in love, big time.. It takes time to learn how to “Love others”, some people are wonderful, others, well let’s call them “good people”. But we should always love both of these categories!
    Definitely, love starts from “me”, but it should be a healthy love. Sometimes people get locked in “self love”.. although life is too beautiful, sometimes challenging, but it’s worth it.

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      1. I don’t sleep much. I like to be awake and only sleep when I’m actually tired. Glad you had a good day. What did I do? Made a call for a friend’s business and made him some money, called my brother to continue helping him set up his business, wrote and danced. Because I like too.

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      2. Wanted to go to library to check out books what you suggested, but it was closed, i try tomorrow, i prefere to take real books, i dont like to ready online, i like the feeling what i have with a real book in my hand😌😌😌

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