Would You Like You, If You Met You?

This question is so difficult, i’m still not sure what the answer is. I don’t want to lie to myself, i was asking myself again and again, until i finally decided to write a about it. If you don’t like to meet yourself it must be the reason, probably because you are unhappy with yourself, your actions or lifestyle. I hate myself for being lazy, angry, for avoiding people when i’m in bad mood, for being unhappy without raison, sad or impassioned. My answer for today, would be no, at least not yet.

If your answer is yes it means you love yourself, you are free from your past and future illusions, you are happy because you living the moment here and now. You have control of your mood and yourself. Your answer is yes, because you know how beautiful person you are, you are not afraid of yourself, you are independent and you don’t need to be around other people to feel good or bad about you.

I will continue to work on me, i want to be that person, who i would love to meet one day and to say: Hi, finally!


199 thoughts on “Would You Like You, If You Met You?

  1. If I met me I’d offer myself a glass of vodka and a joke about how I look like I should be dead already
    Hate myself? Not really
    Like myself? No!!

    Why; because my mum says about us children “just because I love you, doesn’t mean I have to like you all the time” and if that idea is applied to self reflection it becomes more about self acceptance than liking yourself all the time

    So accept your faults, do what you can to improve and value your strengths and don’t worry if you don’t always feel like hugging your reflection and offering it a coffee!

    Ps: Never ask a clinical depressive about ‘liking yourself’ because such concepts in the shadows and dark corners of a damned mentality, spinning teacups upside down are less disorientating and askewed!!

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  2. Currently reading post in yours! And best so far I’ve read it✨🌸 Trust me you’re an amazing writer.. and I guess this is first photo you posted here🌸 Such a happy face😍 I believe your life is going great


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