Mental Health

First we creating our habits and after they creating us. Is very important what you choose, because you choose what you become. But we have the possibility to make mistakes and the opportunity to change it.

Every morning we choose our mood, what kind of clothes we will wear today, lets put happiness on, it’s always fashionable. Do what makes you happy, stay with people who makes you smile, don’t try to be better than others, but try to be better than yourself yesterday.

No cigarets, no alcohol, no drugs. My biggest addiction is my family, food, aerobic, painting and meditation. Surrounded by positive people, who cares how i feel, the ones who never judge me for being myself, who loves me no matter what, means a lot to me, it makes me want to be a better person each day. Now i know that people don’t lose life by dying, it happens by sleeping in every way, by clicking remote control from one channel to another, by being lazy, pushing one day after another until no days left. We lose real taste of life by being jealous, pessimistic, while we judge and criticise others, by trying to prove who is right until we don’t talk with each other anymore. Some people are scared to die because they know, they didn’t start to live yet.

When bad thoughts comes to your mind just don’t take it seriously, let them stay it will go away, just don’t believe them. Step on the side, realise it’s just a thought, not an event. Let the thought move freely. Come and go. By identifying with the thoughts we can’t release, we lose the connection to the pure reality.
Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react in to it.


40 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. The spirit, mind and body are inter-related. Even the karma from previous lives affects your current physical health and mental health directly and indirectly …
    When we clear our karma with pure unconditional love and bliss, our health improves …

    As within , so without …

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      1. I found out that the mind is never separate from the body or the eternal spirit that reincarnates possibly not only on earth but also on other planets .
        The most important time is the eternal now but I have heard that some practioners or psychiatrists or doctors use past life regressions to heal . They complete and transform their vision of the past in the now .
        I have heard about this idea in a book called many lives , many masters …

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      2. I had some strange things happening to me, have your heard about sleeping paralyses? I tried to find a lot of information about it, but not much i can find on internet, when first time it happened i was very scared, now i know i just have to wait a bit, did it ever happened to you?

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      3. Sumarry on tips to fall asleep 
        1 . Using CBD oil or lavender oil
        2. ASMR or music
        3. Reading
        4. Writing
        5. Breathing deep techniques
        6. Showering

        My additional tips are walking , meditating, praying or eating Yoghurt. I drink some Aniseeds sometimes .

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      4. I am not a doctor but try to have faith that you are healed . Faith could move mountains and even change the world for the greater good of your life.

        Try to sleep early at a regular fixed time at night .
        Try not to overthink . You read a lot so decrease the time you use for reading from any source .

        Spend time in garden or close to nature …

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      5. Yes , I have had even depression but I have almost overcome it with the help of my relatives and with the help of the doctor in the village we live in .
        I have taken some herbs like Aniseed and sometimes Yoghurt at night helps me relax and fall asleep …
        Meditation , forgiveness and helping others improved my body chemistry as well…
        If you like , I shall add you on facebook . My user name is Wael Faraj ,
        I live in Obadia , Mount Lebanon …

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  2. Increase meditation , feel in your heart peace and joy.
    Electromagnetically tje heart is much stronger than the mind but okay that the mind could be a director of the heart .
    At night , before you fall asleep , put off the lights to meditate in a dark room .
    Think less and feel more in your heart peace and joy…
    Simplicity is better sometimes …

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