Healthy Vegan Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important food of the day, we should never skip this meal, every morning i’m trying to surprise myself with something new, yesterday i tried on something new, healthy, vegan and delicious.

It’s simple to make, gives you a lot of vitamins and minerals, the taste you will remember for while is unusual and surprising.

All you need is: half apple, half pair, pumpkin seeds and frozen berries. Put apple and pair in the tin plate and cook it for 15 minutes on 250 degree, after place the pumpkin seeds on the top of fruits and also add frozen berries on top, the berries will melt fast and will give amazing taste.

  • Half apple
  • Half pair
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Frozen berries

You can also drink yellow detox juice with it, i think is good idea to drink it with this meal, it will wake up fast and you will be ready for you day with good feeling in your stomach.


58 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Breakfast

  1. I have such a hard time eating breakfast, I am usually not hungry and skip to lunch by 11 am. I have been trying fruit on top of cereal, it seems the fruit gives me a lot of energy that lasts! I have been vegan since 2018 and vegetarian since 2004 so your post is so refreshing, I thank you. -Angie

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      1. Well, since I was a kid I had a hard time eating meat… the taste and texture grossed me out and once I visited my grandfather in Poland and saw the animals slowly go missing, I figured it all out sadly. So I vowed never to eat meat but never knew the horror in the dairy industry until I came across an article last year and decided I can no long be a part of it. It was hard the first month only because I am quite timid and hate having to give waitresse specific orders on what I want to eat, how about you?

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      2. I eat meat, but my meals aren’t based on it, i prefer vegetables, fruits and all the rest what is healthy, i mostly cook ally food at home. I read a lot of information about the horror in the daily industry and also saw many videos, thats hurts. Poland? I was born in Lithuania, but we live in France seen very long time!

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      3. Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to go to France! Yes my grandfather had a farm and I’ve always been nicknamed Snow White so it was so difficult when the animals started going missing 😦

        Fruits and veggies are so healthy, good for you for treating your body good 🙂

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