Huge Tips For Coping With Depression


You have to sleep from 6 to 9 hours per night, try to go to bed before 10pm or at least 23pm. In the morning you should get up earlier between 6 and 7 pm.

For your body is very important to keep the same rhythm, waking up early may change your life, if you use your extra time for a good reasons.

You don’t need to rush and worry, you can take your time, without running out and stress.

Enough sleep helps you to loose weight, good sleep improve concentration, sleep effects metabolism, poor sleep linked with stress and depression.


Anxiety and worry about your life: money, kids, husband, relationship with other people, friends, work, can bring you stress and depression when it comes to this point health problems popping up one after another one.

Taking long shower in the morning by switching water from hot to cold for like a minute helps to calm down your mind and focus on your moment, the increase flow of blood to the brain helps with the overall function of the neurons.

Use shower gel with strong smells focus on breathing slowly and enjoy the smells, my preference is: lemon and orange, this smells helps me to wake up and to feel better.


Breakfast is the most important food of the day, why don’t you start your day right with a healthy food. Have an omelet with vegetables, oat meal with fruits, pancakes with peanut butter and fruits and glass of fresh home made juice.

I’m cooking all my meals and snacks on my own, drinks too, well most of them, i’m buying drinks like coconut water, amends milk or coffee. When i cook my own meal it’s healthier, taste better and at least i know whats is in there.


Get it done in the morning so you don’t need to worry for the rest of the day and watch the mess around you. Every single item must have the place, like it’s much easier to find thing what you need.

When you will be done take a minute, watch what you just did, feel proud of yourself, take a deep breath.

5. CALL FOR SOMEONE ( mum, dad, sister, brother, any other family member, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend)

Communication with other people is important role in our life, sometimes we just too busy to call for an old friend and set up a meeting, thats why you should think about it in the morning.

Depression symptoms are lack of energy, loss of interest, you can feel sleepy all the time, you don’t want to see anybody, lack of appetite or to big appetite, reckless behaviour, sadness, anger. But make an effort, you can fight it by following those 6 STEPS.


Reading certainly can be therapeutic, by reading you can set up clearly all the mess thats on your mind, reading may take you somewhere else it will keep your mind busy and focus.


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