The human is a fragile being led by fear, often engulf himself. However, it tends to blame other people, the environment or even fate for this. Often she creates the illusion that she is completely helpless to determine her own direction of life. Happiness lies in the human being. Only he can create it. How he succeeds will depend on his attitude and efforts to … Continue reading Happiness

About Goodness

In the modern world, the goodness of most people is seen only when it is given to them, and when it is needed by others, they stand on their own side and only watch. Today, people are accustomed to doing more evil than good, as evidenced by some articles on websites or in newspapers about people’s relationships with others. Hearing only one thing, why in … Continue reading About Goodness

About Stress

Stress is everywhere. It can be all the time with us in everyday and cannot be avoided. We can only react to the environment in a timely and correct manner. I think the possibilities are great now. Both change the environment and freedom of choice. Of course, modernization of civilizations is experiencing increasing stress and tension. People rush to live. Accelerating the pace of life … Continue reading About Stress